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I've seen people in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes you look at somebody in a bikini and you think, 'Oh my God, they're just rocking that', because their confidence exudes with it. I never use any plugin and I do apply some manual adjustments to the motion of each clips to make it look smooth and sharp. I don’t manage 4k clips as I convert those into ProRes LT 1920x1080 format first. Both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut X are able to convert from 4K to ProRes in background but I rather use an utility software called Edit Ready that allows to even apply a LUT before placing the clips in the timeline. I have basically cut out some photos and layered them over each other in a 3D compositing in After Effects. By separating the background, mid, and foreground, you can animate your photos creating a parallax effect that will turn your simple 2D still images into moving 3D storytelling devices. As recommended, you should start tweaking the exposure and contrast first as these both will influence the saturation. But all of these parameters will influence each other.

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